cf_aua_logo_smOranjestad, Aruba, Wednesday, March 4, 2015– On Friday February 27th 2015 Maggy’s San Nicolas celebrated their Certification Award in Service Delivery!

It was a memorable afternoon, now to form part of history, where “Customer First Services Caribbean N.V.” honored Maggy’s San Nicolas with their Certification in service delivery. Maggy’s is the very first company to receive a Certification. During the past two years, Maggy’s San Nicolas stood out with their consistent excellent service delivery to their customers.

The certification of a company in service delivery expresses professionalism, dedication, and the continuous development in both communication and leadership. The company is not the only one to benefit from the certification, but it benefits every single employee! Certification brings recognition to your company and sets it high in positive light, satisfied customers who in turn share their experiences with others, ensures loyal customers that will continue to grow with the company for years to come.

Aruba’s population in general benefits of Maggy’s accomplishment and/or the certification of other companies, benefits Aruba’s population in general. Certification creates a positive image for the tourism industry, establishes high standards within the industry, which in turn increases the service quality.

Maggy’s San Nicolas planted the seed that will create a more service oriented future, a culture that Aruba is world-renowned for.

Congratulations to Maggy’s San Nicolas and their employees but also to the community of Aruba with this magnificent achievement!